Maria Medina-Schechter

Social Equity Statement

I am an artist trying to find a common language for communication. I am neither American, European or any other nationality, but simply a person sharing my life and what I have come to understand about healing. I do not accept national identities or assume cultural characteristics; I cannot be responsible for our government's short-term myopia; I choose to believe in the common decency of all the people who populate our countries. I respect and affirm all of our nations cultural uniqueness in visual art, performance art, music, and literature. I celebrate the diversity of viewpoints and milieu. I neither condone nor condemn current geo-political realities. I seek to understand our differences and celebrate the diversity of our viewpoints. I do not hate, and I do not seek to encourage xenophobia in any nation. I want to understand our differences and find common ground where we can choose to disagree but respect each unique viewpoint. People-to-people contact is the best way for nations to understand and respect each other. I seek dialog, compassion and understanding. My path in life is dedicated to bringing some added light to those who encourage acts of kindness, courage, and compassion.