Maria Medina-Schechter

2020 Works


Maria Schechter was born in Pasadena, California, and now resides in Northern California. Maria has been an artist for over 20 years. She uses public space to create a public voice for acts of courage, kindness, and compassion. This is captured in oils and collaged paintings that address topics such as child abuse, child trafficking, climate change, gun control, literacy, social inequities, and other issues facing humanity today. She uses chromotherapy as a methodology to develop her color bands. In blending and shaping the narrative of each painting, she creates a space for a balance between the narrative and developing an architecture intended for continued healing. The 2020 body of work Femme de Courage Extraordinaire is meant for girls in trauma recovery. Maria has practiced and engaged 37 healing modalities over 28 years. She has studied Buddhism in the Mahāyāna tradition for thirty years. She binds, sews, and weaves bands of healing hues with historical healing modalities to address global issues affecting humanity today. Working with language, text, various textures, and primarily in oils and collage, she highlights the narrative of healing, hope, the painful history of America, and the resilience of its people.