Imagine SLS

Film Festival

Santa Cruz Museum of 

Art & History/Independent Film Curator/2015


Museum of Pop Culture


WIA-WIS international music and kinetic arts exhibition/2000

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Melting Man


A benefit for Home Alive

Seattle Aquarium - 120 artists/2002

The video to the left documents this exhibition.

seattle CHAC.png

Active Art Installation

Capitol Hill Arts Center (CHAC)


(Gold Mine Shithouse)



Stepping From The Shadows


Independent Media Center

National Graffiti Art Exhibition/2001

image: Amir Fallah 

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200 artists from 13 countries

3 day exhibition at Luisenpark, Mannheim, Germany, 2003

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Supporting Documentation:
What IS Art-What Is Sound:
Empowering Artists and Creating New Communities, 2000-2005.
Documentation of the fundraiser curated for Home Alive, Seattle, Wa

What Is Art - What Is Sound - Artist Relief Initiative, 


Goethe Institut, New York City, 2004

Awarded a stipend as a kulturmittler

(cultural liaison).

Lake Washington Technical College, WA, 2003

Luisen Park Mannheim, Germany, 2003

U.S.A. / Poster

Luisen Park Mannheim, Germany, 2003

International Exhibition Catalogue

This exhibition brought together the 13 countries where What Is Art -What Is Sound Art Collectives lived. 200 artists from 13 countries traveled to Luisen, Park, Mannheim, Germany to meet for the very first time and to exhibit together. Dalibar Nikolic traveled over a day by bus to come exhibit his beautiful sculptures from Mostar, Bosnia, formerly Herzegovina.

Seattle Mayor Letter of Support, 2003

Mannheim Mayor Letter of Support, 2003

Mostar,Bosnia, Mayor Letter of Support2002

Old Fire House, Mannheim, Germany, 2002

Initial fundraising event for WIA/WIS

Marketing sample

WhatisArt-WhatisSound exhibition Germany, September 2003

This video is a sample of the promotional media 

circulating  before and during the exhibition in 2003 at Luisen Park, Mannheim, Germany.


Marketing Samples for WIA/WIA Exhibition, 2000

What Is Art-What Is Sound NYC was organized and initiated by the amazing Ricardo Cortez

This clip is a partial list of all exhibiting artists in the WIA-WIS Lusien Park, Germany Exhibition.