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What Is Art? - What Is Sound?
Empowering Artists and Creating New Communities, 2000-2005

Seattle Mayor Letter of Support, 2003

Mannheim Mayor Letter of Support, 2003

Mostar,Bosnia, Mayor Letter of Support2002

Old Fire House, Mannheim, Germany, 2002

Initial fundraising event for WIA/WIS

Marketing sample

What Is Art - What Is Sound - Artist Relief Initiative, 


Goethe Institut, New York City, 2004

Awarded a stipend as a kulturmittler

(cultural liaison).

Lake Washington Technical College, WA, 2003

Luisen Park Mannheim, Germany, 2003

U.S.A. / Poster

What Is Art? - What Is Sound?

Empowering Artist ~ Creating New Communities


What Is Art? - What Is Sound? was an international non-profit arts organization sponsored by the Allied Arts Foundation of Seattle, Washington and supported by 13 countries arts and cultural affairs offices and a variety of sponsors such as Kohler, Mercedes, and the generous support of the city of Mannheim for hosting our annual member exhibition at Luisen Park, Mannheim, Germany on September 3rd, 4th and 5th 2003.  The exhibition hosted over 16,000 visitors in three days from 32 countries. To view the exhibition catalogue please view here: 

Luisen Park Mannheim, Germany, 2003

International Exhibition Catalogue

The development of this project began in the year 2000, when artists from Germany and the United states collaborated together to form the first collective to pursue cross-cultural and multi disciplined collaborations producing What Is Art? and What Is Sound? Examining Art and Sound through Technology and Tradition. 

This exhibition brought together the 13 countries where What Is Art -What Is Sound Art collectives lived. 200 artists from 13 countries traveled to Luisen, Park, Mannheim, Germany to meet for the very first time and to exhibit together.  Feel free to look through the various phases of our project. Together we were one. This work I co-founded would later be taken to New York University where I initiated my Masters in Visual Art Administration in 2006. 

Jens Damgen and Max Keene
Jens Damgen and Max Keene

Digital Artists

EMP/ MoPop
EMP/ MoPop

The What Is Sound? first fundraiser. 2002

Reggie Watts Yoga Time!
Reggie Watts Yoga Time!

Jens Damgen and Max Keene
Jens Damgen and Max Keene

Digital Artists


What Is Sound ?

 Annual member exhibition and fundraiser at the MoPop in Seattle, Washington, formerly The Experience Music Project.

feat. Reggie Watts, Jens Daemgen and local artists Michael Manahan and Max Keene.



CO-Curator: Maria Medina Schechter

Independent Media Center, Seattle, Wa

National Graffiti Art Exhibition/2001

image: Amir Fallah 

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