The Greatest American Crime Story: American History

I created a painting in response to the murder of George Floyd. The painting also addresses a timeline of systemic racism in America and deep historical truths....The painting is titled: The Greatest American Crime Story: American History. 5ft. x 4.5ft, oils and collage on canvas is my response to a xenophobic America. The painting is significant because it highlights many of the challenges in our culture today. In addition, the painting documents historical moments from introduction of slavery in 1619 to 2020 Black Lives Matter. The courageous youth activists who have inspired this new body of work: Femme de Courage Extraordinaire. These young ladies have championed those same issues from gun control advocacy to  environmental activism. Systemic racism in America needs to be addressed in order to create the infrastructure of social change we all desire. I consulted a member of the Navajo Nation and I was asked to first reach into the Aztec community from which my fathers family is related. Receiving a blessing from Great Spirit and The Star People has inspired me immensely. Although I have Mexican/Aztec heritage, I was not raised in their traditions. I wanted to ask before creating designs in the likeness of trading blankets which are a very powerful tool that have provided clothing, shelter, warmth, healing, and ancestral inheritance among other uses.  However, today they are used under your neck or knees in yoga.

Never Forget Your History.

Greatest American Crime Story

The Greatest American Crime Story: American History

5ft. x 4.5ft, oils and collage on canvas. June 19th, 2020

The Telling of the Feathers

The painting consists of 21 Feathers of Fire, each telling the true story about 'American History.' Take a historical tour through the telling of the 21 feathers. In Native American culture, it is believed that all things possess an inherent virtue, power, and wisdom. The feather, for example, is a powerful symbol that signifies honor and connection between the owner, the Creator, and the bird from which the feather came. It symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom. It is an object that is deeply revered and a sign of high honor. (Source) The painting The Greatest American Crime Story: American History is not a part of the series of youth activist Femmes de Courage Extraordinaire, but was created in response to the adversities these youth leaders face, and what we are all living with day-to-day and working towards peace one day at a time.

It has been my honor to make this painting.


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