Green Leaf

T6DH - The Six Directions of Healing


What initially inspired me towards mycology was living with and learning from Thai forest monks and nuns in 2010. For the last 26 years, my practice utilized text, drawing, painting, collage, and textiles, rendered in oils and collage. Today I only uses organic and living materials to make my work.  Shifting towards a more connected and responsible worldview benefits everyone. 

My work attempts to utilize mycelium as both a medium  and a solution to some of the world's greatest climate challenges. Art is my opportunity to reestablish a new narrative on our approach to a healthier, more informed way of living. Through participation in workshops, residencies, and new engagements, I encourages others to be involved and learn about the organic materials rebuilding the world today.

What do cranberries and chameleons have in common? They can both change color! Collect what amazing treasures we find in the natural world.  Learn more at


A Generous Kingdom: The Use of Art & Science to Rebuild The World. Eco-Art using only organic fruits, vegetables, coffee and tea.


Orange Mycena, 12x12", on recycled watercolor paper made from 100% post consumer waste. Recipe: beets, oranges, mica minerals, salt, clay and ink. 12/15/21


Working with living material like mycelium as well as utiltizing the Fantastic Fungi Scholarship: Voices From The Underground has launched me into the most fascinating part of my career yet! "


The Well-Within, 22" w x 27" h., made of mycelium the same material used to make mushrooms. It took 23 days and 554 hours to grow.