Green Leaf

In celebration of the 6 directions 


Maria Medina-Schechter is an artist, sculptor, and culture practitioner.  She often travels the world to develop the initial phase of her work.  She has even moved abroad to immerse herself in the culture while pursuing her visions.  Maria's practice utilizes text, drawing, painting, collage, and resin. Her work depicts healing and hope. She develops work that highlights people who battle erasure and subjugation of culture.​​

The 6 Directions of Healing, (T6DH).

The T6DH project her new body of work for 2022-2023 begins with residencies in 3 locations a year where she will complete three residencies a year for the next two years. 


​The project details:

1. She will participate in 6 residency's: 3 residencies each year.

​2. Each residency will have a theme of indigenous practice native to the area.

​3. 6 separate site locations, 6 focus areas of healing.

​4. Each residency is located in 6 different parts of the United States.

​5. Each residency will have a project focus of indigenous healing practices.

​6. The project is estimated to take two years to complete, 3 residencies a year.

​7. Each residency will focus on one area in the United States, and will document current uses of plant medicine, uses of ritual and ceremonies of       

    healing native to that area, the idea is to develop 5 pieces per residency, where I experiment with medium to research and document the specific 

    healers, medicine, ritual or practice native to the designated location. 

​8. The final outcome of each project will vary but will be rendered as; paintings, sculptures and/or sculptural paintings, primary medium: oils, collage

     and resin

​9. At the end of each residency I will complete 5 pieces of work.


10.The purpose of the project will be revealed throughout online pre-recorded and open dialogue invites by the artist and those artist who participate

     in the project.


Located a few hours northwest of Thailand is Kanchanaburi, home to the famous Erawan National Park. Here, you will find the Erawan Waterfall. This 7-level waterfall runs through the east side of the park and spans over 1.5 kilometers. In privileged, remote places, I feel nature's mystery and mastery. I bring the same reverence to my own work.


I am inspired by the force, movement, and mystery of our solar system. This body of work challenges me to work with a variety of materials, traditions, and practices. I look to nature as a guide and feel inspired by the paradox of the universe, her textures, and ultimately the invisible mycelial type network holding the entire cosmos together. (Image source: NASA and is a Solar Flare.)