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Maria Schechter was born in Pasadena and now reside in the Sacramento region of Northern California. For over 20 years, she has been an active artist who works with color, language, text, and various textures. Her practice includes the use of oils, collage, and resin. Trained in painting and sculpture, she enjoys both equally. Maria loves to inspire curiosity, joy, and engagement in her work. Since becoming disabled on January 5, 2018 due to a car accident, her works have become increasingly more organic and fluid, utilizing objects from nature to create mandalas, and other forms intended for healing and raising the human spirit. Because she had at one point lost the use of her arms and hands, she became enamored with touch. Today, Maria's sculptural works are intuitively designed. They reflect natures curiosity, mysterious movement like water, and encourages engagement. 

Maria Medina-Schechter

Artist | Curator | Educator
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Amanda Gorman
Join me July 17th for 3rd Saturdays!
reception:4pm (artist Talk), Reception:5pm-8pm
(I will be speaking about my painting at 4pm) 
members (Group) show
Amanda Gorman: Golden Grown Bloom Brings Halos of Hope, 2021, Painting: 5ft.x4ft.x1in., oils, collage, resin and sewing, cast resin finish.  3/2021
Blue Mayan Medicine Dome
The Curiosity Domes sacred objects are meant to capture the feeling of the Turn of the century mystic, with references to the symbolists to amplify a delicate time where divine objects living and non living were meant to lift the human spirit and raise the curiosity of the heart. Cabinets of Curiosity (also known as “Wunderkammer,” “Cabinets of Wonder” and “Wonder-Rooms”) developed during the 17th and 18th Centuries, and were essentially the precursors to the modern museum. Now they are designed, curated, and tailored to your specifications, or you can buy an existing style in my Etsy shop.

I began making the curiosity domes during the pandemic. It helped me to process how we are all divided by sheets of glass and living untouchable lives. I began creating these environments which are spaces and places I would love to go to or dream about. 

Title: Blue Mayan Medicine Dome: 13.6 x 6in., multi-media, resin, the conch shell and sea shells are from Mexico. The open faced shells share details of gold leaf mayan glyphs inside, mesoamerica resin cast coin, two butterflies, gold foiling, peacock feather, live moss, flower species aquilegia and The delphinium elatum, a beautiful ornamental plant, which includes 'Magic Fountains', 'Dwarf Pacific', 'New Millennium', 'Pacific giant', and 6 varieties of 'Aurora.' It was first referred to as its scientific name the Greek botanist and physician Pedanius Dioscorides. Completed on 5.13.21.

About the Blue Mayan, the piece was made as a wedding gift and is not for sale.