Artist Statement:

I once found myself sitting in an elegant turn-of-the-century parlor, with ostrich feathers and fainting couches, rich green and lusciously designed velvet walls of patterned ferns. I could imagine surrealists, symbolists, and other intellectuals of the time staring up at the lit glass ceiling. The experience reminded me of an article I recently read in my hometown magazine LAMAG,  “Decades Ago, LA’s Only Modern Art Museum was a Local Couple’s Home.”  The entire room felt so wonderfully foreign. The few nights I slept in that room, it purred as though illuminated from within, much like the person I had been invited to meet that spring day in Brussels, 1995. I had the great honor to meet my friend’s aunt.  Not just any aunt, but a woman of great importance to Chinese and American History. This opulent parlor was beautifully decorated with historical artwork and photographs of my friend’s aunt with John F. Kennedy, Desmond Tutu, and His Holiness The Dali Lama, among many other humanitarians. This woman, then in her seventies, inspired me with her beautiful story of living fully with purpose. During my visit, she invited me to the René Magritte Museum, and, of course, I accepted. She provided me historical truths, riches of wisdom, and a pair of red velvet slippers. 

My work and my life are steeped in capturing acts kindness, courage and compassion. Those who inspire moments like this show that everything is possible. On January 5, 2018, I was in a car accident that impaired the use of my arms and hands. Having a mobile disability is new to me, so understanding my limitations can be painful at times; however, I received the gift of the time needed to create space in order to develop a new process and a ritual of making.

Today, I look for ease and presence in the ritual of process. I am deeply enamored with certainty. When certainty is present, anything is possible. My new work lies in the shadow of the great legends in my beautiful state of California.


Maria Medina-Schechter

Artist | Curator | Educator
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The Greatest American Crime Story: American History

5ft.x4.5ft., oils and collage on canvas.

June 19th, 2020.

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